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  1. En passant definition is - in passing. How to use en passant in a sentence. 2 — used in chess of the capture of a pawn as it makes a first move of two squares by an enemy pawn that threatens the first of .
  2. What Is The En Passant Rule? The en passant rule is a special pawn capturing move in chess. "En passant" is a French expression that translates to "in passing," which is precisely how this capture works. Pawns can usually capture only pieces that are directly and diagonally in front of it on an adjacent file. It moves to the captured piece's.
  3. The en passant move was developed in late medieval times after pawns were allowed to move more than one square on their initial move. This was done to make sure the now faster moving pawns retained some of the restrictions imposed by slow movement, while at the same time speeding up the game.
  4. Define en passant. en passant synonyms, en passant pronunciation, en passant translation, English dictionary definition of en passant. adv. 1. In passing; by the way; incidentally. 2. Used in reference to a move in chess in which a pawn that has just completed an initial advance to its.
  5. en passant definition: 1. French for 'in passing': if you say something en passant, you mention it quickly while talking. Learn more.
  6. The en passant move can only be made on the move immediately after the enemy pawn makes the double-step move; otherwise, the right to capture it en passant is lost. When Should You En Passant? Though it’s relatively rare in practice, the en passant rule is important to know.
  7. English Translation of “en passant” | The official Collins French-English Dictionary online. Over , English translations of French words and phrases.
  8. En passant—a French term that means "in passing"—is probably the most confusing move for novice chess players. Players may not even know the move exists, making it the source of many arguments. Before the 15th century, most people played by rules that didn't allow pawns to .

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